Morgellons Disease


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April 1, 2015:
Joni Mitchell's story adds insight when she states that it hit all the places where she had polio where she was younger.


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What some signs of Morgellon's Disease?

List of common complaints

A list of Morgellons's Symptoms may include so many different presentations that you may have a hard time determining whether you are suffering from Morgellon's disease or another condition. For example, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, OCD, and Depression symptoms are all associated with Morgellon's. In some cases it may make sense to treat for other conditions in order to zero in on a Morgellon's Diagnosis.

Common symptoms include:
Skin Lesions, either from the disease or scratching
Pain in muscles and joints
Fatigue that keeps you from wanting to get out of bed
Brain fog or imparied memory
The sensation that you have bugs under your skin (formication)
Strange fibers coming out of the skin (a common complaint)
Gastrointestinal problems similar to Crohn's disease
Changes in skin texture and color
Frequent vision changes and light sensitivity
Once again, these symptoms could be from a variety of illnesses, so any one or two symptoms do not necessarily indicate Morgellons, but a doctor should be consulted.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: The CDC and health authorities do not recognize this illness so you may be treated for individual or group symptoms but if your illness persists, you should always seek competent medical advice.